A passion for chocolate for 80 years

A French family business founded in 1934, three generations of chocolate lovers have enabled Chocolaterie MONBANA to become one of the most creative in its sector.

Initially specialized in chocolate powder, Chocolaterie MONBANA has diversified successfully and now offers a collection of more than 250 specialties that explore chocolate in all its forms: to drink, to savor, to cook, to spread, to offer or to treat yourself.

It’s in the trenches during World War I that Louis Guattari meets Pierre-François Lardet, the founder of the famous Banania brand. They become friends and Louis, a chocolate enthusiast, participates for some years in the Banania business.

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In 1934, he decides to write his own story and creates a cocoa factory in Courbevoie, just near Paris. As a tribute to his friend Pierre-François, he calls it MONBANA, in reference to “Mon Banania”. Louisette, an adorable little girl created thanks to his drawing skills, becomes the mascot of his chocolate-flavoured breakfast powder.

From the 50s, the chocolate activity develops more particularly at the instigation of Louis’s sons, Jean and Paul. MONBANA now includes a bean roasting unit and becomes the specialist for quality chocolate powder. MONBANA launches the first dietary products and even becomes the official supplier of the National Institute of Sports. André Leduc, mythical cyclist of the Tour de France, is the ambassador. From then on, MONBANA is an industrial business on a human scale that combines three activities: chocolate powder, dietetics but also chocolate confectionery, among which truffles and filled chocolate oysters are the emblematic specialties.

With such legitimacy, MONBANA decides to promote its own brand. Its gourmet collection for the general public is launched in 2008 with the aim to offer chocolate-flavoured rituals off the beaten track: chocolate and candy bars, gourmet beverages, dessert kits, sparkling chocolates… As another key step in its development, MONBANA introduces the “Chocolaterie MONBANA” shops.